The Center for Safe and Secure Schools at Harris County Department of Education continually strives to provide valuable information and resources related to school safety, violence prevention and positive outcomes for students, teachers and communities.

The following list provides various handouts, reports and links to assist interested school personnel, school resource officers and safety conscious community members covering a variety of topics in the school safety and security field.  

NIMS Compliance

Resource Links

Don Alwes' Presentation from 2016 School Safety Summit
Preparing for and Responding to Active School Threats.pdfPreparing for and Responding to Active School Threats.pdf

Republican Presidential Debate: Overview and Lessons Learned
Truancy Plan

American Lung Association

Building Trust in Law Enforcement Through Service

Crime Stoppers Houston

Harris County Office of Emergency Management
Houston Emergency Managment
Houston Transtar
Hurricane Preparedness
DHS National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS)
Emergency Management Institute FY2015 Course Schedule
Emergency Operations Planning
Fire Safety for Texans
Parents Guide to Internet Safety
National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers
National Center for Education Statistics
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
National Prepardness Month
National School Safety Center
National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Playground Safety Resources - Tackling Tobacco Abuse in Modern K-12 Schools

Road/Pedestrian Safety - Distracted Walking
Sharing Ideas and Resources to Keep Our Nations School Safe Volume III
Security Measures at Schools: Mental Health Considerations
School Safety Info
School Safety Tips and Prevention
TEA: List of School Districts & ESC Regions
TEA: Regional Education Service Centers (ESCs)
Texas Unified School Safety Standards
Texas Homeland Security Preparedness
Texas Safety Standards for Kindergarten - Grade 12: Third Edition
Texas Association of School Boards
Texas Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN)
Texas Emergency Management Online
The Character Network
U.S. Department of Education: Safe Schools & FERPA

Video Links

Texas School Safety Center – When Seconds Count Video
Texas Attorney General – School Safety

Sandy Hook Promise-Evan VideoEvan Video​


Ready Houston Videos

  • ARE YOU READY? Regional Disaster Preparedness Videos (in English, subtitled, American Sign Language, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese):
  • TOGETHER AGAINST THE WEATHER - Hurricane Readiness for Persons with Functional and Access Needs (in English, subtitled, American Sign Language, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese):
  • MAKE THE CALL: THE THREAT IS REAL - Terrorism Prevention (in English and Spanish)
  • RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event (in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese)